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We’re always looking for registered psychologists and clinical psychologists to join our friendly and professional team. We offer competitive remuneration packages, job flexibility, and great work-life balance. You’ll get to work alongside qualified and experienced psychologists and receive extensive support, supervision, and training to further your professional development.  So, if you’re looking for a new challenge, would like to make your next career move, or maybe just curious about future opportunities, take a look below to see what we offer. We'd love to hear from you. 

We value your privacy, rest assured our chat will be strictly confidential. 



It’s important to us that all our psychologists have work-life balance. We recommend that our psychologists see a maximum of six patients per day and allocate sufficient work time for any administrative tasks or calls or simply to take time out for a deep breath to prepare for their next patient. 

We also encourage our team to choose the days and times of work that suit their personal lives and commitments.  We believe this flexibility helps achieve greater work-life balance, contributes to your health and well being, and ensures our patients receive the best therapy possible.


The Balmain Practice is committed to the professional development of its psychologists. Over the past 15 years, we have assisted numerous newly graduated psychologists to develop and enhance their skills and competencies in a wide range of treatment modalities.  All professional development is tailored to the individual and conducted in a structured manner, with regular (fortnightly or monthly) review sessions by the practice founder and owner, Dr Janine Peckham.

You’ll benefit from the wisdom and experience of our highly qualified and experienced team of psychologists. We conduct monthly group supervision via Zoom to review clinical cases and receive training in regard to a specific clinical skill.  We also engage in peer mentoring to learn from each other’s specialty areas. 

Dr Janine Peckham is available to all team members on a daily basis to discuss a case, debrief and provide general supervision, support and assurance. She is an Australian Psychological Society Board Approved Supervisor and is available to assist with achieving your clinical supervision. 


With our diverse referral network we have the ability to offer our psychologists a variety of clinical presentations to keep their work interesting and enhance skill development. We also encourage and support those psychologists who prefer to specialise in particular areas of interest. This means you’ll have variety of work and/or the opportunity to pursue your own areas of interest.


We provide support the psychologists and ensure the practice runs smoothly. We have efficient and effective administrative processes and systems including an electronic practice management system which handles all appointment bookings and reminders and contains a range of document templates for GP letters and other correspondence. 


We take great pride in providing a safe, comfortable, functional, and professional work environment for our team. We firmly believe that the therapeutic environment contributes to the overall patient experience and success of the therapy. Our practice is decorated in calming neutral tones and has quality furnishings and fittings throughout.  

We strive to achieve a peaceful and serene environment for psychologists and patients. Alongside the physical environment, we offer a friendly and supportive team culture. Our team is extremely harmonious and supportive of one another. 

The practice is located in the heart of Darling Street which means our psychologists can enjoy the convenience of the many local coffee shops and cafes at our doorstep.


For every therapy appointment attended, we dontate 5 meals to people in need through SecondBite.

SecondBite rescue edible surplus food from growers, manufacturers and retailers and distribute it free of charge to over 1,400 charities and not-for-profit organisations to feed vulnerable Aussies in need. Rescued food is used for nourishing meals, emergency relief packages, community pantries and much more.

One in five Aussies are affected by food insecurity and don’t have enough safe, nutritious food. This can badly affect their physical, emotional and social wellbeing. SecondBite makes sure that good food is getting to people who need it most, rather than to landfill.


We offer competitive remuneration packages to our psychologists commensurate with their qualifications and experience. We also use an increasing scale of remuneration to reward loyalty (years of service), job performance, and contribution to the business.

After completing one year of service with The Balmain Practice, our psychologists receive a yearly professional development allowance to spend on any workshop or training related to their work. 

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